What’s the Magic Number? 6-Seconds.

15 Nov

Have you ever been watching football of TV when an awesome play happens? If only there was a way to record live TV, choose your favorite clip, and share it on Twitter or Facebook! ConnecTV thought so too.

ConnecTV is a second-screen app that can recognize whatever show your watching by the sound coming from your TV. It automatically tunes in, and then you can make 6-second clips to share with your friends. It’s like Vine for live TV!

I had to try it for myself, and I literally didn’t put my phone down for two hours. I watched several shows, but my clips weren’t exciting enough to share. Finally, Duck Dynasty came on, and we all know Uncle Si never disappoints. Here’s what I came up with:


I wish it could have been longer than 6-seconds, but ConnecTV modeled it after Vine for a reason–they have attracted 40 million users since January. Why 6-seconds, anyway?

Time limits are exciting, apparently! In fact, it was challenging. I’ll reiterate: it took me TWO HOURS to make a 6-second video.  And who doesn’t have time to watch a 6-second video? If you liked it, let it re-play a few times. The things people can do with 6-seconds!

ConnecTV is different from Vine because it’s specially meant to be used to capture LIVE TV for social means. If you change the channel, ConnecTV changes channels on your phone too–automatically! Here’s the catch: you can’t go back and make clips after a show goes off. This way, people using the app are engaged for the entire duration of a show. If you put it down, you might miss something that would have been worth “clipping”.

The ConnecTV app for second-screen TV viewing has been around since 2010, but this new video component is brand new. The download was just made available this past Tuesday. It’s too early to tell how if people will use it. However, I checked the @ConnecTV Twitter statistics and found that there has been a steady climb in their followers since they introduced the new feature on Tuesday.


I think we’ll be seeing a lot of ConnecTV videos on our newsfeeds and timelines very soon!


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