There’s Plenty of #Catfish in the Feed

25 Oct

The show’s two creators investigate a catfish situation.

Many people have been suckered in by a Catfish online. I mean, you might even know someone who really believes that the rapper Bow Wow is her boyfriend, but in reality, it’s a lesbian named Dee Pimpin.

Here is a pic of Dee Pimpin with one of her quotes.

I’m not talking about the oversized, slimy, big-mouthed fish, just to get that straight! For various reasons, catfish scammers make fake profiles and pursue online relationships under a false identity.

MTV’s hit show Catfish has been engaging viewers in more ways than one. They’ve hit the social TV jackpot with this show.

How so?

It works because it’s a TV series based on SOCIAL MEDIA, it’s full of drama, and a lot of people can relate.

People from all walks of life are victims of catfish. You may remember the Notre Dame Football star Manti Te’o’s Catfish scandal. If you didn’t already hear about the concept of the show, you probably did after Te’o claimed to have been catfished.

Basically, the series is based on user-generated content. People e-mail their Catfish stories to MTV producers. From there, the most mind-blowing ones are featured on the show.

It’s been rated the most social TV show across cable more than once. MTV aims to keep it social by updating their Twitter and Facebook, even when the show isn’t airing. They keep the drama stirred up by providing links to MTV’s site that will allow viewers to watch full episodes and engage in their own stories.

They encourage viewers to partake in the weekly confessional on their Facebook page. Here, people share their accounts of digital betrayal. In addition, the show’s two creators, Max and Nev, have an Instagram full of personal photos, which connects fans on a personal level.


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