There’s An App for That!

2 Oct

I’m sure you’ve heard that too much TV is bad for a child’s development. Experts say children under two shouldn’t watch any TV, and children older than that should be limited to only a couple hours a day. I’ve seen first-hand how kids as young as 3 years old can use an I-pad like it’s second-nature. Technology is growing right up with our babies. It definitely can be linked to negative behaviors, but we might as well make the best of it. Truth be told, there’s really no avoiding it.  

Some of the concerns with too much TV include behavioral problems, impaired academic performance, and less time for play. Basically, studies show that too much will basically make a child fat, anti-social, and turn their brains to “mush“. 

BUT here comes the good news…there’s an app for that!! The concept of social TV might just save the minds of our children. Disney will be the first (of many more to come) to officially try out a second-screen live movie in select theaters. Parents are encouraged to bring I-pads for their kids to use during the movie.

Going to the movies with a kid means a lot of “shhhh’s” and stuffing them full of buttery popcorn and candy to keep them quiet.  NOW going to the movies will be a fully-interactive experience where kids will be engaged with the special app throughout the entire film. 

The audience is assigned to teams; then, as the movie begins, so does the games, trivia, and sing-alongs. Doesn’t this solve a lot of the issues that come out of too much TV? Their little brains are constantly firing. They’re singing with the audience and a part of a team.

We might even find that social TV for kids improves social and motor skills! It’s encouraging for new parents and our future generations, none the less. 


One Response to “There’s An App for That!”

  1. aaaaaargh October 15, 2013 at 8:25 pm #

    I’m not sure how happy I am about an app that encourages kids to learn it’s okay to fire up their mobile devices in a movie theater, but decent post on a current development. You should note, however, that it’s “iPad,” not “I-Pad.”

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