‘A Blog-A-Day’…

23 Sep

I don’t think I’m cut out for this! Going into the challenge, I didn’t think it would really be challenging. I was wrong. It’s hard to come up with substantial posts every day. For me, some days are more hectic than others, and I’m more distracted with other responsibilities. I definitely didn’t plan ahead and often found myself writing at the last minute. I should have written a few blogs ahead of time.

I have a new respect for bloggers. I visited my family over the weekend, and I told my Mom that I had to post to my blog. Later that evening, I heard her tell my Dad, “Rachel’s writing in her journal for class”. I thought, “She DID NOT just call it a journal!!!” I tried to explain that it’s more like a small research paper with footnotes; however, the next day she asked me if I had to do another “journal entry”. That’s just my Mom, but my point is that I got defensive! Blogs are a lot of work, and a lot of people don’t even understand what it means to blog!

I think I did get more comfortable with the flow of linking by the final posts. Instead of explaining certain words that readers might not fully understand, I just linked them to a page that could help them understand (if needed).

I found that Social Media Today was a good place to go for inspiration during my thought process. I actually follow them on Twitter, which is how I discovered their website. Mashable‘s social media section was also a source for my ideas. All Things D and Tech Crunch provided insight about the digital side of social media.

An editor for an online newspaper tweeted me to let me know he had used my #recruited post for their “Social Media in Sports Daily” segment.

I had tweeted this particular blog post as part of the twitter challenge. I now see the benefits of utilizing Twitter and other social networking sites to get your work out there!

All in all, If I ever have to post a “blog-a-day” again, I hope I’ll be getting paid because that was time consuming!


One Response to “‘A Blog-A-Day’…”

  1. aaaaaargh September 23, 2013 at 1:57 pm #

    Your work was quite good (other than that one missed day), so give yourself some credit. I also like your response to mom: “like a small research paper with footnotes.” That works! Check the assignment – this post needed to carry some greater depth, ideally linking to your work as illustration, but your posts this week have been quite enjoyable.

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