How to Outsmart Spam and Scams on Social Media

22 Sep

About 40% of accounts on social media websites are created by spammers. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkdin are just a few of the sites where spammers lurk. 

On Facebook, know who you’re adding as friends. Spammers typically create fake profiles; if you approve their friend request, they become more powerful, which can lead to more harm. Other ways spam infiltrates through Facebook is by creating pages or links for people to “like” or visit, or even via live chat. If a user interacts with a spammer, the spammers can gain access to user passwords, spread malware, or promote phishing applications. 

On Twitter, spammers tweet compelling phrases followed by a link. If you see a tweet that says something like “you won’t believe these pictures”… follow that link, and you’re spammed! Spammers can spread malware this way, too. There is even something called a “twitter worm” that sends direct messages containing malware. If there’s a link to a video, be especially cautious. Spammers link to fake YouTube videos prompting you to download a malicious file. 


Unprotected users would easily fall for this malware infested fake YouTube video.


Pinterest spammers create fake accounts and post pictures that are appealing, such as popular recipes, a pretty bracelet, or weight loss tips. Then, they mislead users by linking those pictures to porn sites that will spread malware. 

Staying informed on the latest spamming advances is really the key. Keeping your virus protection up-to-date is crucial.These scammers and spammers must lie in bed at night and think, “How can I ruin someone’s day?” Don’t let them ruin yours!


4 Responses to “How to Outsmart Spam and Scams on Social Media”

  1. aaaaaargh September 23, 2013 at 1:55 pm #

    Good post overall, but be careful not to over-rely on Wikipedia. It’s fine as an occasional source, but mix up your definition links a bit.


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