Did you get SPAMMED today?

21 Sep

“You’ve been added to a list” on Twitter. You think, “I wonder who added me?” So, you click on the page that added you, Maybe it was a page like @CelebPhoneNos; or maybe it was a pretty girl named @DeeannaAdelmann. Either way, if you clicked on to their page or link, you’ve been spammed!

Recently, Twitter designed a key word tool, and spammers really appreciate it. It works similarly to tagging. The spammer can type all these keywords into their account. When someone searches a key word from their pool, they’re connected. Then, the user simply has to click on the spam link, which is usually intriguing. 

Spammers make money off of our clicks. The person usually falls into a scheme to take a survey and or fill out info on an offer they can’t refuse. Then, the ad companies pay the spammers for the traffic. 

I added a lot of “social TV” focused twitter pages, and I noticed a few spammers found me this way. They sent me direct messages (all of which had links for to click). 

So, if some exotic-named woman adds you, there’s probably a big, fat, hairy, spammer sitting behind that computer…or at least that’s how I picture a spammer! 



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