17 Sep


Social media seems to be effecting everyone and everything. A recent article from the Bleacher Report noted that it’s even changing the game for college football recruiting. People can follow top recruit’s posts and try to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Sometimes their hints are obvious, while others just tease their followers.

I’m guilty of this! Prior to the 2013 football season at West Virginia University, rumors of potential recruits were far and wide. One outstanding player, Shelton Gilbson, had already committed to the Mountaineers. His tweet sparked some hope and controversy.

Screen shot 2013-09-17 at 10.11.10 PM

Pictured with Gibson is Tyler Boyd. Boyd had been looking as several different schools, but hadn’t committed to any just yet. After this picture, there was a lot of speculation that Boyd might be leaning more toward WVU; however, some good investigative twitter skills would help conclude that Boyd’s Mom didn’t care too much for WVU. It was easy to tell that Momma was pro-Pitt and anti-WVU for her son’s football and college career.

She wasn’t a bit shy in her tweets. I figured ‘Momma gets what Momma wants’ in this situation (sigh). I was right. Long story short, Boyd made his Momma proud by committing to Pitt days later.

Fans may love the feeling of being involved in the recruiting process–all thanks to social media; however, is social media harmful to the recruiting process or enhancing it? There are arguments for both sides.

One recruiter said social media helps them to engage with recruits more efficiently. On the other hand, fans can be too honest in their opinions. Their brutality can often turn recruits away.

Another hindrance to the recruiting process is student athletes who don’t think before they tweet. Their words can be taken out of context, then comes the drama. One recruit for Michigan posted some provocative and profane tweets, and his scholarship was pulled.

Johnny Manziel is another popular tweeter who has caused a lot of controversy with his words. 

We’ve all been told Twitter and Facebook can ruin job opportunities. I think this especially applies to college athletes or anyone in the public’s eye for that matter.

As my Momma would say, “Don’t hang your dirty laundry out for everyone to see.” What happened to the concept of TMI? People share “Too Much Information” in 140 characters all day, everyday.











3 Responses to “#recruited”

  1. aaaaaargh September 23, 2013 at 1:49 pm #

    Another well-sourced post in which you do a good job bringing your own voice in throughout without making it the focus. You’re showing a knack for this!


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    […] editor for an online newspaper tweeted me to let me know he had used my #recruited post for their “Social Media in Sports Daily” […]

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