Butting In or Business?

16 Sep

I recently ran across a blog post on Todd Bacile’s Marketing Blog. He was talking about a certain company who actively uses social media to engage with customers. This is a form of hypertargeting. Have you ever wondered how those advertisements that pop up just happen to be something you googled yesterday? Hypertargeting allows companies to get information about you from your online profiles, registration info, your web history, and web activity.

Now, companies are taking advantage of Twitter talk. They can monitor when users comment about their brand. This applies to both positive or negative feedback.

For example, a friend of mine posted an Instagram picture of a twitter conversation where Verizon chimed in to her tweet.



She was clearly surprised…maybe a little freaked out. She wasn’t even seeking out a response or even attempting to get their attention; I thought you needed a hashtag to do this!

Verizon sounds really helpful in their tweet back. I think this type of customer service can be a really good thing; however, I’m afraid it can get out of hand. What if AT&T threw in their sales pitch along with Verizon in a battle for her business. She didn’t ask for all that!

So what do you think? Is it a butting in or good business to actively engage in customer’s twitter conversations? I wonder if Verizon will see this blog post?


2 Responses to “Butting In or Business?”

  1. aaaaaargh September 23, 2013 at 1:48 pm #

    Interesting idea for a post. You do a good job personalizing it while not losing focus. You DID get your friend’s permission to run the image of your conversation, right? Just good practice.

  2. Todd Bacile September 27, 2013 at 10:19 am #

    You bring up some great points, Rachel. At the moment researchers are attempting to decipher if active, unsolicited responses from brands to consumers is viewed as helpful/caring (e.g. Jay Baer’s “Youtility”) or a form of privacy infringement. The technologies enabling brand-consumer social conversations is absolutely amazing! However, some may think it is amazingly positive or amazingly negative!

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