Synthesis Post

12 Sep

As I’ve discussed, the TV industry is merging with social media, and I’m not the first to notice. So is it actually working? Does utilizing social networks for TV promotion and marketing make a difference in the number of viewers who tune in? 

Todd Bacile wrote a blog post about Social TV titled “Second Screen Marketing”. He links to an online book about how the “internet has become TV’s best friend”. Bacile puts it like this: TV shows are a social thing. People want to talk about it. Smart phones have become tools for “consumer-to-consumer conversations about TV shows”. The book about Social TV provides many more examples of why it works. 

So, reason one: mobile devices and technology. 

In addition, everyone seems to hopping on the digital train for marketing. Millennial Me posted a link to a webpage specifically about a Live TViD service that is now being offered by almost all devices and computers. It is synced with over 150 channels to recognize what you’re watching, which will then take you to social media sites that are talking about the show. Another example is the app Zeebox, which does basically the same thing. It can be synced with Comcast’s cable network. I like how Millennial Me put it:  “It’s all about synchronisation”.

Thus, reason two: readily available technologies are promoting communication and social interaction related to program content.

Finally, The TV Evolution wrote a blog post with compiled data about the relationship of twitter and TV viewing. Likewise, the increase in TV ratings cause people to tweet about the show more…and that’s why it works! The graphs show what I suspected: the more tweets about certain shows, the higher the TV ratings. Tweets impact competitive reality shows the most. Comedy based shows come in second. 

Reason three: the TV industry social media outreach is successful…people are using their phones and computers alongside their TV.

Moreover, social TV is a relatively new concept in the TV and marketing world. I feel like it happened naturally, and the TV industry adapted and integrated social media into their approach because that’s where people were ‘hanging out’. 


One Response to “Synthesis Post”

  1. aaaaaargh September 19, 2013 at 2:05 pm #

    There are a number of links here that go to main pages rather than specific posts. Your Todd Bacile link, for example, takes us to Bacile’s blog, not to the post you’re discussing. These aren’t helpful in backing up your argument, and most readers won’t take the time to find it for themselves. The “3 Reasons” structure is an interesting one, but you’d never know it from the title, which just reads “Synthesis Post” – is that sufficiently descriptive? In all cases, make sure you’re providing readers the information they need.

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