Spoiler Alert! #PLL

6 Sep


According to reports, the “Pretty Little Liars” season finale episode brought in almost 2,000,000 tweets at 70,000 tweets per minute!  This particular episode became the #1 most tweeted TV series episode in history. These tweets didn’t stop after the show, either. The official twitter page for the show asked viewers to tweet their reaction photos. Image


I might be the only person I know who doesn’t watch “Pretty Little Liars”. I mean, why watch it when I learn every juicy detail about the shows from my twitter feed? Image

In fact, I wasn’t even home to watch the show if I had wanted to, yet I learned Ezra was “A”. I don’t really know the importance of this detail, but I could tell it was very important to the people I follow on twitter.

So what if I loved the show, but had to work so I set it to record on my DVR for when I got home? In that case, you better stay off twitter! I guess that’s the downside of social tv.

Sometimes twitter is like that friend that tells you the ending of the movie you can’t wait to watch without you even asking! That can be annoying. Maybe it’s the genre of the show. After all, “Pretty Little Liars” is a mystery-thriller series filled with teen drama.


One Response to “Spoiler Alert! #PLL”

  1. aaaaaargh September 9, 2013 at 3:46 pm #

    This kind of wrap-up is an interesting idea. You might consider linking to individual tweets so you don’t have to screenshot everything – that approach is fine, but it’s extra work and doesn’t provide the added value of users being able to click through to the original. In future posts, you’re going to need more in the way of substantive commentary, not just tweet roundups – each time, you’ll need to justify why the subject deserves a post, what’s being said about it (tweets serve this to an extent, but they can’t be the whole of it), and how it fits into your larger topic.

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