What’s the Magic Number? 6-Seconds.

15 Nov

Have you ever been watching football of TV when an awesome play happens? If only there was a way to record live TV, choose your favorite clip, and share it on Twitter or Facebook! ConnecTV thought so too.

ConnecTV is a second-screen app that can recognize whatever show your watching by the sound coming from your TV. It automatically tunes in, and then you can make 6-second clips to share with your friends. It’s like Vine for live TV!

I had to try it for myself, and I literally didn’t put my phone down for two hours. I watched several shows, but my clips weren’t exciting enough to share. Finally, Duck Dynasty came on, and we all know Uncle Si never disappoints. Here’s what I came up with:


I wish it could have been longer than 6-seconds, but ConnecTV modeled it after Vine for a reason–they have attracted 40 million users since January. Why 6-seconds, anyway?

Time limits are exciting, apparently! In fact, it was challenging. I’ll reiterate: it took me TWO HOURS to make a 6-second video.  And who doesn’t have time to watch a 6-second video? If you liked it, let it re-play a few times. The things people can do with 6-seconds!

ConnecTV is different from Vine because it’s specially meant to be used to capture LIVE TV for social means. If you change the channel, ConnecTV changes channels on your phone too–automatically! Here’s the catch: you can’t go back and make clips after a show goes off. This way, people using the app are engaged for the entire duration of a show. If you put it down, you might miss something that would have been worth “clipping”.

The ConnecTV app for second-screen TV viewing has been around since 2010, but this new video component is brand new. The download was just made available this past Tuesday. It’s too early to tell how if people will use it. However, I checked the @ConnecTV Twitter statistics and found that there has been a steady climb in their followers since they introduced the new feature on Tuesday.


I think we’ll be seeing a lot of ConnecTV videos on our newsfeeds and timelines very soon!


Started From the Bottom, Now We Here

31 Oct

Am I the only one who sees straight through Erin Andrew’s move from ESPN to Fox Sports? This is clearly Fox’s effort to compete with ESPN.

According to Erin in her Sports Illustrated interview about her move, ESPN tried hard to hold on to her, but she had already made up her mind that Fox Sports was where she wanted to call home.

Yeah, okay.

Did Fox pay her to say that, too? I’m going to take a wild (but not too wild) guess and say that Fox probably offered Erin a much higher salary than what she had been earning. The fact that ESPN didn’t counter-offer that offer says more than what’s on the surface.

ESPN is worth 40 BILLION dollars. They can obviously afford to keep Erin Andrews, but they can also afford to LOSE her–and I think that speaks for itself. ESPN doesn’t need ‘miss popular’ to stay on top.

So what makes ESPN untouchable?

I think it’s their HUGE presence in social media.

ESPN Reports show that in September:

ESPN’s mission statement is “To serve Sports Fans wherever sports are watched, listened to, discussed, debated, read about or played”, and they have been true to their word.

To think…34 years ago, ESPN was ran out of a tractor trailer. They’ve done pretty good for themselves!


ESPN 1979


ESPN 2013

There’s Plenty of #Catfish in the Feed

25 Oct

The show’s two creators investigate a catfish situation.

Many people have been suckered in by a Catfish online. I mean, you might even know someone who really believes that the rapper Bow Wow is her boyfriend, but in reality, it’s a lesbian named Dee Pimpin.

Here is a pic of Dee Pimpin with one of her quotes.

I’m not talking about the oversized, slimy, big-mouthed fish, just to get that straight! For various reasons, catfish scammers make fake profiles and pursue online relationships under a false identity.

MTV’s hit show Catfish has been engaging viewers in more ways than one. They’ve hit the social TV jackpot with this show.

How so?

It works because it’s a TV series based on SOCIAL MEDIA, it’s full of drama, and a lot of people can relate.

People from all walks of life are victims of catfish. You may remember the Notre Dame Football star Manti Te’o’s Catfish scandal. If you didn’t already hear about the concept of the show, you probably did after Te’o claimed to have been catfished.

Basically, the series is based on user-generated content. People e-mail their Catfish stories to MTV producers. From there, the most mind-blowing ones are featured on the show.

It’s been rated the most social TV show across cable more than once. MTV aims to keep it social by updating their Twitter and Facebook, even when the show isn’t airing. They keep the drama stirred up by providing links to MTV’s site that will allow viewers to watch full episodes and engage in their own stories.

They encourage viewers to partake in the weekly confessional on their Facebook page. Here, people share their accounts of digital betrayal. In addition, the show’s two creators, Max and Nev, have an Instagram full of personal photos, which connects fans on a personal level.

DIRECTV Isn’t A Bit Shy

11 Oct

It’s apparent that Comcast is engaging in Social TV with innovative and unique ideas, but they’re not the only ones!

DIRECTV, the leading digital TV provider, has had no problem jumping on the Social TV train.

DIRECTV has apps that allow you to access Facebook and Twitter on your TV with your ordinary remote. This way, you can share your favorite shows or tell your friends what you’re watching while your watching it. There’s your second screen within your screen! Another option is to download the app on your smartphone or tablet.

You might not be able to change your channel with your phone (Comcast’s approach), but you can stream the shows directly to your second screen!

They also get social by promoting TV shows or providing customer service via Twitter.  https://twitter.com/DIRECTV/statuses/388819384850186241

In addition to Twitter, they actively engage with customers through their Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Viggle pages.

Twitter & Comcast Have Made Their Relationship Facebook Official!!

10 Oct

Twitter loves TV, and apparently the feelings are mutual. Twitter and Comcast are tackling social TV together. Here’s the gist of it: Twitter will connect your second screen and TV. Comcast has developed a “see it” button that will be embedded in tweets from NBC Universal (which is owned by Comcast). Then, you’re instantly tuned in to that show either on your device or television.

Essentially, this button will change the channel for you! The numbers show that it’s a great idea. The more tweets, the higher the ratings

Here’s the problem: Comcast isn’t available for everyone. Since I’m from West Virginia, we’ll focus on the availability here. 

As you can see, Comcast’s service is limited to certain areas. Another interactive map shows where cable and broadband providers are located in WV. Satellite TV and internet are the only option for many WV residents. 

What’s the point in a “see it” button that you can’t see!? 

That’s why I think this concept won’t last. Other cable network and satellite TV providers would need to join the crowd for twitter buttons to make TV ratings higher. Comcast alone can’t reach enough people. 

On the other hand, you have to start somewhere! Maybe this will spark a new trend. Maybe this will really change the way we watch TV. I guess we’ll see!

Life, TWITTER, and the Pursuit of Happiness

4 Oct

The Today Show launched #DearCongress and it was trending on Facebook and Twitter in no time. Here is a word cloud of some of the keywords that were tweeted.

So far, the recent government shutdown has proved one thing: people are telling Congress and Obama EXACTLY how aggravated they are via Twitter. Are these posts the new letters to Congress? Whether our representatives respond or not, with all this extra time on their hands thanks to shutdown, I’d say they’re on Twitter. I’m sure they know they’re the butt of everyone’s jokes, and if people aren’t joking, they’re to angry to even joke about the situation.

So maybe social media can help push this process along.

Tons of people are getting their opinions out there like never before. Social media makes it much easier for people to get in touch with elected officials. I think we’ll see the government react differently in this shutdown compared to the past.

If they don’t hear us out, then there’s a serious issue. They’re a government for the people, and too many people are in agreement that they’re pretty much not doing their job.

There’s An App for That!

2 Oct

I’m sure you’ve heard that too much TV is bad for a child’s development. Experts say children under two shouldn’t watch any TV, and children older than that should be limited to only a couple hours a day. I’ve seen first-hand how kids as young as 3 years old can use an I-pad like it’s second-nature. Technology is growing right up with our babies. It definitely can be linked to negative behaviors, but we might as well make the best of it. Truth be told, there’s really no avoiding it.  

Some of the concerns with too much TV include behavioral problems, impaired academic performance, and less time for play. Basically, studies show that too much will basically make a child fat, anti-social, and turn their brains to “mush“. 

BUT here comes the good news…there’s an app for that!! The concept of social TV might just save the minds of our children. Disney will be the first (of many more to come) to officially try out a second-screen live movie in select theaters. Parents are encouraged to bring I-pads for their kids to use during the movie.

Going to the movies with a kid means a lot of “shhhh’s” and stuffing them full of buttery popcorn and candy to keep them quiet.  NOW going to the movies will be a fully-interactive experience where kids will be engaged with the special app throughout the entire film. 

The audience is assigned to teams; then, as the movie begins, so does the games, trivia, and sing-alongs. Doesn’t this solve a lot of the issues that come out of too much TV? Their little brains are constantly firing. They’re singing with the audience and a part of a team.

We might even find that social TV for kids improves social and motor skills! It’s encouraging for new parents and our future generations, none the less.